Friday, July 30, 2010

Cease and Desist!!!!! (Sheriff Attempts to Silence Whistleblower!)

Not only does SHERIFF MICHAEL JACKSON have to explain 48,000 outstanding warrants, it appears that Sheriff Jackson has more explaining to do. With all of his "executive management experience," a member of his command staff faces a criminal indictment for theft of union funds. What did you know, when did you know it, and why did you try to cover it up? Since Sheriff Michael Jackson is so effective against crime, why did the SHERIFF try to silence current union president Robert Cease, who reported the theft of funds to officials? Since the State Prosecutor has filed an indictment, will Cease get a public apology from Sheriff Jackson?
Stay tuned as Concerned Prince Georgians monitor this one.


Anonymous said...

Hell no! Mike Jackson is not going to apologize! He didn't apologize for shooting the people's dogs. What makes you think that he would apologize for going after that dude? Jackson was in on the whole thing from the beginning anyway.

Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson has no reason to apologize given that he does not manage the union. In fact, were he to interfere with what the union does or what employees do when functioning in their union, he would be in violation of the collective bargaining agreement.

Please learn the facts before commenting on something and sounding extremely ignorant. Instead, ask why Robert Cease timed the information to be released to two other County Executive candidates at the beginning of August. Ask why Robert Cease has tried to give Jackson free lunches, tickets to events and why he was sitting in Jackson's office every day when he first joined the Sheriff's Department trying to get attention.

Learn the facts. Then speak.

Anonymous said...

YOU need to learn the facts before you speak! Cease reported this theft of funds last year! You idiot! Go the Channel 7 report on the story! Then Corporal Jackson took disciplinary action against Cease trying to get him to retract the charges so his girlfriend wouldn't get into trouble! Jackson said, he was defaming and making false allegations against command staff. No, Cease said your sweetie pie stole money from the union! So you got mad at Cease!

Cease is a honest and decent man, who was looking out for the union members, unlike Jackson. Cease didn't try to give Jackson anything! Jackson was soliciting all that stuff from Crease, and he wanted to use union funds to get it, but Cease wouldn't do it! "Take me to lunch." "Get me some Redskins tickets." "Sponsor my stupid golf tournament." "Use Union Funds to do it. It doesnt' matter. Nobody cares." "Jack's son" is as crooked and corrupt as Jack.

You learn the facts before you speak!

Anonymous said...

What say you now Anonymous Poster #2, now that in Mr.Jackson's own words, his testimony, says that he had no opinion on whether is was ok to steal union funds. It was ruled that Mr. Jackson could not reprimand or punish Mr. Cease for his actions. And further, why on earth would we elect a leader who thinks stealing, cronyism, retaliation are ok...oh wait, we already did...Mr. Johnson. Prince Georgians' it is time to say NO MORE Jack's Son has GOT TO GO!

Anonymous said...

Not only am I scared, Im embarrassed that this guy is our sheriff, how did that even happen? He doesnt have the sense to manage the sandwich shop he was in. Forget the media reports or whomever he blames, this Crap happened under Jackson's management. He should be charged right allow his thieves..