Monday, August 23, 2010

Will You Stand Up for Lacole Hines??

August 22, 2010

May this open letter find you well and in good spirits as we search for solutions to the many problems that we face as a County.

Just over one week ago, a young woman's life came to a tragic end.  Her name was Lacole Hines. She was a citizen of Prince George's County.  She was 17 years old.  She was murdered by her abusive boyfriend.  At the time of her murder, there was a 2 week old outstanding warrant for her boyfriend's arrest because he had previously assaulted her with a handgun. However, that two week old warrant was not served by the Prince George's County Sheriff's Department, and her boyfriend was not arrested.  We have been told by Sheriff Michael Jackson that it is "an unfortunate event," and that he failed to serve the warrant because of a "clerical error." (We don't believe this is the whole story).

Ms. Hines has been laid to rest, and she cannot stand up for herself; nor, can she stand up for other women, family members, or friends who may be victims of domestic violenceShe can't stand up for her 6 week old child who will be an orphan.  So will you stand up for her? Will you stand up for the helpless? Will you stand up for those who do not have access to the corridors of power in Upper Marlboro and Annapolis?  Will you stand up for the weak?  Will you call for hearings in Annapolis and/or Upper Marlboro by contacting your elected official(s) and demand that they direct the County Auditor or the Attorney General to perform a full review of: 1) the backlog of outstanding warrants in the Sheriff's Department and to categorize those warrants, 2) the Systems, Processes, Routines and Controls that are in place in the Sheriff's office to manage and serve warrants, and 3) Generate a report which details the who and what went wrong in Lacole's murder?

Will you as a Concerned Prince Georgian "speak truth to power" and will you shine a light of truth and justice in a dark place, and stand up for Lacole Hines?

And lastly -- will you sign the Justice for Lacole Hines petition by "clicking on Justice for Lacole Hines"  (click here) and adding your name, with people all over America, to her Petition for Justice?  We as a people cannot let Lacole's senseless death be treated as another "unfortunate tragedy"!  We must hold all of our elected officials accountable! We are just as guilty as Sheriff Michael Jackson if we choose to stay silent and/of if we choose to DO NOTHING!  Remember -- none of us are insulated!  This could happen to you or your loved one if we choose to do -- NOTHING!

Thank you in advance for your immediate action!

Respectfully and Sincerely Submitted,
Concerned Prince Georgians
The Prince George's Monitor

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this! ran a story about Lacole called "Warrant Backlog Kills". I signed the petition! I would like to see more people in our county sign the petition.