Monday, September 13, 2010

Hit the ROAD Jack!

"I AM not A CROOK!"

If Jack Johnson has it his way, you'd better hide your momma, daddy, husband, wife, kids, dogs, and cats because he wants Mike Jackson to be the next County Executive of Prince George's County. 

Johnson says that he thinks Jackson will best continue his record of accomplishments.

Well, let's look at the track record!

1. Criminal Corruption and Criminal Indictments -- Johnson Appointees Robert Thomas, and Robert Isom, were indicted and convicted for corruption and criminal conspiracy for fraud and theft of county funds. (click here)  (We reserved a special section just for Keith Washington.)

2. Pay for Play.   Jack is as crooked as it gets.  The Washington Post shed light on his corruption in giving away county land to developers. (click here)  But it even gets worse. He "Hi-Jacked" one company by promising them that he would move the Department of Housing and Community Development to their building after they gave him and his cronies some money, but he failed to deliver. (click here)   Johnson also gave away large amounts of grant money and funding that was tied to his friends, some of whom didn't even ask for the money. (click here)  He even seemed to mess up the community grant funds from National Harbor. (click here) We can only speculate where the money went? (click here)

3. Personal Expenses Charged to Taxpayers.  Johnson charged a lot of personal expenses to taxpayers on a county issued credit card, including first class flights to Africa, and rental cars and gasoline to visit his mother. (click here)  Johnson even said, I think the people of Prince George's County expect me to fly first class.  This abuse was so bad that the State Prosecutor opened an investigation into Johnson's credit card abuse. (click here)

4. Hire Incompetent Friends.  Johnson has hired corrupt and incompetent people. (click here)  The level of incompetence was so great that it culminated in Prince George's County having to return $ 2 Million in federal dollars. (click here)  Now, when have you ever heard of anyone returning money to the federal government? You must not have a "Clue" to have to return federal money to the federal government! (click here)

5. KEITH WASHINGTON.  A corporal in the Prince George's County Police Department who drove Johnson around during his campaign, was promoted to Deputy Director of Homeland Security by Johnson.  He subsequently fatally shot Marlo Furniture deliverymen and wounded another at his Accokeek home, while they were delivering furniture. (click here)

What a fine track record and legacy you have Jack Johnson . . . and you want the citizens of Prince George's County to continue that legacy by electing Mike Jackson.  The answer is NO!  Hit the road Jack! And take Jackson with YOU!

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