Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sen. Currie Gets Bitten by the Embezzlement Bug!

State Sen. Ulysses S. Currie
Senator's Campaign Treasurer Indicted for Embezzlement

According to today's Washington Post, State Sen. Ulysses "Uly" Currie's campaign treasurer Olivia Harrison was indicted by a grand jury for stealing more than $150,000 in campaign funds. (click here) This follows Sen. Currie's recent bribery indictment. (click here)

It seems like this whole campaign treasurer embezzlement thing has become quite the trend here in Prince George's County. This most recent embezzlement indictment follows Sheriff Michael Jackson's top aide's and campaign treasure's indictment (click here), coupled with Jackson's attempt to cover-up the indictment and silence the whistle blower who brought the crime to Jackson's attention. (click here) It appears that Currie, unlike Sheriff Jackson, was unaware that his campaign treasurer was embezzling funds.  Jackson, the County's top law enforcement official, on the other hand, was told, and chose to attempt to cover-up the crime. 

Click on the video below if you want to see Jackson giving false, misleading, and evasive answers regarding his attempt to cover up the embezzlement.  Okay, he's just plain lying!

We sure hope that this is the end of the road for Jackson and the all the other embezzlers!

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