Wednesday, October 20, 2010

As The Days Wind Down

As the days draw nearer to December 6th, 2010 when the new County Executive and several new Councilmembers take the helm there are "crazy moves" abound.  One such move is the County Council's approval yesterday (click here) of pay raises for the Prince George's County Executive and County Councilmembers -- effective December 2011.  (Please note that their salaries according to reports are already the highest salaries in the STATE)!

What Concerned Prince Georgians is having a hard time tracking is that "the majority of the outgoing Councilmembers voted for this pay raise even though they would not be the beneficiaries of same.  And ... strange again -- not one of them asked the County's Budget Director to explain the budget numbers to ensure that the money was in the budget as they had when a meager 2% COLA was in question for County employees -- whom by the way have not had raises in over two years and in addition were subject to furloughs and RIF's for two consecutive years. Hmmmm 

And ... right after they approved pay raises for the incoming County Executive and incumbent County Councilmembers -- what did this sitting Council do?  They again -- "drilled" the County's Budget Director and chastised him once again for not having budget figures to justify the 2% COLA for County employees.  "Go Figure"! 

Concerned Prince Georgians is "at a loss" and believe me when I say -- that's not very often!  No Comments Please!

Theories anyone?????

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