Monday, November 01, 2010

It's Time for Prince George's to Get Jack Off!

How Much Will Jack Johnson's "Napoleonic" Complex Cost?

Driving around the County, Concerned Prince Georgians noticed that there are a lot of signs with soon to be former County Executive Jack Johnson's name all over.  Longtime Johnson watchers know that he spared no expense to put his picture all over the County Administration Building in Upper Marlboro.  He even went to so far as to have giant pictures of himself put on the sides of the County's Emergency Response mobile command bus.  Even more convincing of his napoleon complex was that he put his name on signs in neighborhoods thoughout the County.

As we watched the County Council wrangle with budget decisions last week, we wondered if the County budgeted money to change ALL the signs Johnson's administration put up over the years that bear his moniker.  Even more worrisome, does the County even KNOW where all the signs are?  We'd bet that they don't.  Maybe the County should set up a website and bounty for the rouge JJ signs?

Our loyal readers know that we're already expecting incoming County Executive Rushern Baker to get rid of those ridiculous "Livable Community" signs (click here); but come December 7, 2010, we expect the neighborhoods to be liberated  from the tyranny of the Former County Executive's napoleon complex.

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Anonymous said...

Not only still pictures all over the walls of the County Administration Building, but he also uses monitors hanging on the walls as his own personal electronic picture frames. The monitors would be better used to provide County Information relevent for the County employees and/or visitors entering the building or turning on one of the news cable stations (MSNBC,CNN,HLN, etc). Please forward this information to the new County Executive and his transition team and new staff members (particularly his public relation/communications representative). Thank You.