Sunday, November 14, 2010

Leave Us At Peace Leslie Johnson!

Leave Us At Peace Leslie!  With the arrest of your husband -- County Executive Jack Johnson and you -- his wife -- Leslie Johnson scheduled to take the oath as County Councilwoman on December 6th  -- Concerned Prince Georgians implore you -- Leslie -- Do not put your hand on the bible on December 6th swearing to serve the citizens of Prince George's County.  Slip away quietly from the public light -- LEAVE US AT PEACE!  LET US START THE PROCESS OF HEALING!  Our great County does not need the continued distractions that will be caused by a selfish decision by you -- LESLIE -- NOT TO STEP ASIDE!  Concerned Prince Georgians implore you to make one final decision that is not self-serving!  Please STEP ASIDE NOW LESLIE -- LEAVE OUR GREAT COUNTY AT PEACE!

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