Wednesday, December 01, 2010

What to Expect If One Calls For Help?

News sources (click here) are reporting that another Prince George's County police officer has been suspended.  What NOW you ask?  This officer has been suspended for sending sexually suggestive messages to a young lady moments after he responded to her call for help.  Yeah -- can you believe this "dude" sits in his police cruiser -- outside of her home -- and texts this young lady one graphic sexually suggestive message after another?  The young lady rightfully gets nervous and calls her mother who leaves work early and together they file a formal complaint.  OK, yeah the officer is now suspended from the force -- but one have to ask if he is now pissed off with the young lady because of his suspension?  Will he now stalk her and her family?  The good citizens of this County do not need to face  fear from the very ones that are sworn to "protect and serve" us!  This pisses me off!  Concerned Prince Georgians we have a lot of work to do in the years ahead.  Lets start by holding ALL of our elected officials responsible.  If it ain't right -- It ain't right!

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