Saturday, July 24, 2010


I don’t know what he wants. HE’S GOTTEN WHAT HE’S GONNA GET FROM ME!” In the interest of trying to find out more about the candidates for County Executive, we got an opportunity to view the Michael Jackson interview from NewsChannel 8. We didn’t know a whole lot about Sherriff Jackson, and we looked forward to this opportunity to learn more about him. Boy did we learn a lot about him. It appeared that he was uncomfortable from the beginning, and at the end, Mr. Jackson had a complete, utter, and total meltdown. We thought he was going to beat the mess out of poor little Bruce DePuyt at that last question.
Here are the highlights:
Sheriff Jackson was born and raised in Prince George’s County, he is a graduate of Crosslands High School! (Go Cavaliers!)

• He has two young grandchildren.

• When Sheriff Jackson came into office there were 30,000 outstanding warrants, and now there are 48,000 outstanding warrants. Prince George’s County has a huge court system, which issues about 300 warrants a day. Sheriff Jackson says that there is no way his office can keep up with all the warrants.

• Jackson says that most of these are for driving warrants, and by the way, he hates Rafael Hylton – who, according to Jackson, doesn’t have any management experience and better worry about the five other guys who are running, not about Jackson. (Based on this interview, Hylton better keep two eyes on Jackson – this is PG County . . . just sayin’.)

• Since running for County Executive Jackson has never had a policy press conference, to announce his policies or plans as county executive, but will have at least one before Sept. 14th. (Homie got his back up about this one.)
• He can knock on the door of the Governor’s mansion any time he wants. (O’Malley better win, -- 'just sayin’)

• He’s has a good relationship with Superintendant Hite, but is not sure if he is the man for the job.

• He wants more state and federal agencies to move into Prince George’s County, and does not feel like the County has been disrespected by not having its share of agencies.

• He wants to bring back trades and vocational education back into the County Schools. (Supt. Hite better want that too, if he wants to keep his job . . . 'just sayin’.)

• He’s planning on taking a six day vacation after he’s elected and before he starts to look at how he’s going to run the government. (He didn’t mention where he was going.)

Sheriff Homie has got a bit of a temper. Bruce DePuyt asked him about the raid on Mayor Calvo’s house and dude lost it. WOW! POW -- He went on a tirade about the media not covering how kids get killed in Prince George’s County, but they covered how he shot two dogs, and how nobody talked about all the drugs that were off the streets as a result of his department’s breaking into the man’s house and shooting the dogs. Then he said, “I gave the man an apology, I don’t know what he wants. HE’S GOTTEN WHAT HE’S GONNA GET FROM ME!” All we can say is if SHERIFF gets elected County Executive, Mayor Cheye Calvo, Rafael Hylton, and Bruce DePuyt – ya’ll better watch your backs. (Just sayin’) !!!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! When did this air? I'm sorry I missed it. Thanks for the summary.

Anonymous said...

The PGCPS superintendent is not hired by the County Exec. He answers to the Board of Ed. Just sayin.

Concerned Prince Georgians: said...

Anon2: While you are technically correct about the Supt./CEO. The County Executive can, and has, exerted tremendous influence (via budgets, political pressure, political favors, and etc.) on the Board of Ed. to hire and fire the Supt. Let's not be naive, the members of the BOE run for office and are politicians too, and would not want to run afoul of the County Exec. (JUST SAYIN')

Anonymous said...

You can see the complete video at, under 7/22/10.

Anonymous said...

You can see the complete video at, under 7/22/10.

Anonymous said...

The point is Michael Jackson is a duplicate of Jack Johnson - He knows little and talks alot.

He is arrogant and spiteful. BTW, he was a Corporal when he was elevated to Sheriff. He was the union president and not on the streets. He was wet behind his ears, and didn't learn much while on the job the last 8 years.

What a joke.

Anonymous said...

This unfortunately is the kind of individual who we do not need in a leadership position in this county. Rafael Hylton on the other hand is exactly what the Sheriff's Office needs: a leader with humility, common sense, vast law enforcement experience and the respect of his peers. I'm just SAYING.

Anonymous said...

Anon2 here: I am a bit more than technically correct. Schools curriculum and policy is set by the State and County board of ed. As far as the budget is concernced, the County (Exec/Council) are legally obligated to fund the schools at a specific level unless given a waiver by the State Bd of Ed. So they can't hold back money to get what they want. The members of the Board are themselves elected officials as you point out. They will do what's in their own best interest whether or not it pleases an Exec. For instance, JBJohnson couldn't stop the Bd of Ed from voting to spend millions of its budget on a new HQ lease could he? The General Assembly had to quash it. Just sayin'.