Monday, July 19, 2010


Think . . . Pink!
Jack Johnson, Michael Jackson and Sam Dean have begun to assure top-level Johnson administration officials that they will be retained in a Jackson or Dean administration. Keeping Iris Boswell will save the County at least $2,000 in office painting costs. Back in 2002, when Johnson took over, Boswell had her freshly painted egg-shell white office in the County Administration Building painted . . . PINK! Well, the problem is that the shade of pink did not quite meet Ms. Boswell’s expectations, so she had it repainted a different shade of pink. Well, the second shade of pink was not to Ms. Boswell’s liking either, so she had it repainted a different shade of pink. After three tries and $6,000 -- whoopie the perfect shade of pink! What's the taxpayer price tag for having the perfect shade of pink? PRICELE$$!

Oh, and what happened to the only County Government employed Painter who could not seem to paint her office the correct shade of pink? He was fired or RIFed as they would tell it.


Anonymous said...

I hope Ms. Boswell the likes the shade of a "pink slip"! Good bye and good riddance to her. And to fire the man because he couldn't read her mind. Just mean-spirited!

Anonymous said...

This is outrageous! How could you allow a government employee do this? It seems like Jack Jackson and his peeps are out of control!

Anonymous said...

Too bad this wasn't front page news when it happened. But this is an example of the idiots that as a part of Jack Johnson's crew and will be Michael Jackson's if we don't do something. HE WILL NOT GET MY VOTE.