Sunday, July 18, 2010

Spring Cleaning Comes This Fall

If you Google --pg county officials shakedown developer
you will be amazed that there is 5+ pages regarding negative/unethical and corrupt actions of current elected officials. Let’s sweep out all current politicians that lacks character, integrity, and vision. And while we are sweeping let's not forget to sweep the dirt that's under the table. And who are those politicians that have made deals with outgoing elected officials solely for the purpose of extending their terms? Hint: Johnson-Jackson
It’s time to SWEEP and fumigate OUR beloved County! If we are not part of the solution WE are part of the problem! Primary Election Day is September 14th.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see that Concerned Prince Georgians are writing again. Too many people are so complacent. Please keep us informed. Thank you again for your insightfulness to what's happening in PG County.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with your opinion. I'm encouraged to know that there are others who don't have blinders on. I am sick of how our county has been mismanaged and don't want another 4 years of it.