Sunday, July 18, 2010

County Council WaPO Endorsements

The Washington Post lends it's endorsement to Mel Franklin and eight others in the race for County Council in Prince George's County. More importantly than it's endorsements several statements on the crisis of OUR great County were addressed and we are reprinting them as follows:
The county has many advantages but also faces an array of problems. They include a pandemic of home foreclosures; poverty, crime and unemployment; struggling public schools; an anemic commercial tax base; and Metro stations bereft of the surrounding development that such sites have attracted elsewhere in the region. Any one of those would be daunting. But Prince George's, with a population of about 850,000, suffers from an additional, self-inflicted wound: a political culture marked by cronyism, highhandedness, factionalism, and a lack of accountability.

Poor governance, bemoaned (mostly in private) by some of the county's own elected officials, has done more than damage Prince George's image; it has exacerbated the troubles that residents complain about. Commercial developers shy from projects in the county for fear of shakedowns by officials. Homeowners oppose higher property taxes -- which might help the schools -- for fear the funds will be misspent. The county's woes feed on themselves. In the regional sweepstakes to lure high-end corporate headquarters and employers, which the county so badly wants and needs, Prince George's is rarely in the running.

There are two pieces of good news regarding the county's leadership. One is that some of the worst members of the County Council are leaving, having reached the two-term limit."

Prince Georgians Let Our Voices Be Heard on September 14th!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Let us rid ourselves of this cancer that is about to overtake our County! If you lie down with dogs you will get fleas! Connect the dots folks ... Let's not have eight more years of Johnson and Jackson!

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