Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lest We Forget!

Lest We Concerned Prince Georgians Forget….

We know we have been quiet for sometime because “everything that seemed needed to be said we believe had been said”. Some things however are worth repeating, lest we the Concerned Citizens of Prince George’s County forget. Please note the following headlines and their respective links.

Jackson rivals see hand of Johnson at work in Prince George's campaign
By Jonathan Mummolo
Washington Post Staff Writer Sunday, June 27, 2010
This article references County Executive Jack Johnson “sneaky support” for
Michael Jackson Jack Johnson

Concerned Prince Georgian’s -- lest we forget the past eight years of feeling embarrassed by a poorly run County government and one embarrassing moment after another. You can believe that Mike Jackson will reward the same incompetence that OUR great County had to endure for the past eight years.

Also lest we forget -- click on here for a “You Tube” depiction of SHERIFF Michael Jackson during his appearance on WAMU (88.5FM) and listen to his continued denial that his department did nothing wrong by shooting two poor innocent dogs and terrorizing the Mayor of Berwyn Heights and his family. In fact he now blames everything on the police department. The underlying story is that a bogus raid could happen to any of our wonderful citizens, with or without the shooting of our precious pets!

Lest we forget several media outlets reports that SHERIFF Michael Jackson’s office has more than 48,000 in a backlog of arrest warrants! Close to FIFTY THOUSAND ARREST WARRANTS! 50,000 bad people running around from rapists to murderers! We ask you Mr. Sheriff that you complete your job before you ask for a promotion!!!! Wonderful citizens of OUR great County … please do not reward incompetence again on September 14th! We have an opportunity once in every four years to speak loudly and clearly and let our voices and frustrations heard! Lest We Concerned Prince Georgians Forget!!!!


Anonymous said...

We have not forgotten and our collective voices will be heard on Election Day!

Anonymous said...

We have got to do better! Let's elect competent government Sept. 14th!