Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Latest of Folks Throwing Hat In Race For County Executive

Councilman Samuel Dean has decided to throw his hat in the race for Prince George’s County Executive in 2010. You all remember -- this is the same Samuel Dean that was surrounded by the misuse of the credit card debacle. The same Samuel Dean that allowed the current County Executive to abuse his powers; the same Samuel Dean that ran and hid anytime there were tough issues before the Council; the same Samuel Dean that stood up and endorsed Republican Michael Steele against the will of his constituents; and most recently the same Samuel Dean that walked out with Chairperson Marilyn Bland and refused to hear from the public—denying them their basic rights of free speech. Is this "as good as it gets"?

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Anonymous said...

Oh the "outrage" that he would endorse a black republican! That's like trading against your own race! Because we know that if you're black you always vote democrat, and if you're white you always vote republi... oh wait, scratch the last part of that sentence. Those crazy whiteys insanely vote independently