Saturday, August 07, 2010


WTOP (click here), Baltimore Fox 45 (click here), and News Channel 4 (click here) are reporting that another dog was shot by Sheriff Michael Jackson's deputies. What's UP with that SHERIFF! Just because your race for Prince George's County Executive is going "down the tubes" don't take it out on our defenseless and beloved pets! When you said at a recent forum that you would shoot Mayor Calvo's dogs all over again -- We just thought you were being irrational and a little sensitive. Never did we think that YOU and your sheriff deputies were serious! Can't ya'll carry stun guns, wait for animal control (click here) , or something? We mean -- REALLY!
And a question for fellow Prince Georgians, -- Do we want to be known as the DOG KILLER Capitol of the Nation? (click Here) If so -- then VOTE for the Sheriff on September 14th!

Concerned Prince Georgians will continue to monitor this situation!

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