Sunday, August 08, 2010


A certain member of our editorial board recalled (his "playa" days) going to bars and telling certain young ladies tall tales of having an important job, owning an expensive home, and driving a luxury car . . . only to have the valet pull up in a Ford Fiesta! (click here) After explaining that the car belonged to his brother, while his Jag was in the shop, a certain young lady told him to call her when he either (A) got his story straight, or (B) his Jag out of the shop. At that point, our young (now REAL old) "playa" decided that fictionalized writing is better done in books than in real life.

Well . . . according to the Washington City Paper (click here), our own Delegate Micheal Vaughn 24th District, hadn't learned that lesson the hard way. It seems that Delegate Vaughn claimed he played three seasons for the Dallas Cowboys. The City Paper checked the story out, and no records exist that Delegate Vaughn played for the Cowboys!

Like our young "playa," Delegate Vaughn, in an interview with the The CityPaper (click here) claims he signed as a free agent, got cut after five months with the team, and didn't make the final roster. In fact, he blamed the whole story on his webmaster.

We think the problem is that Delegate Vaughn claimed he was with the Cowboys. "C'mon MAN!" (click here) You know the Dallas Cowboys are like the most hated team in the entire Washington, DC metro area! He should have said the Seattle Seahawks. How about the Kansas City Chiefs?! Try the Calgary Stampeders, or the Washington Federals! Nobody would have cared! But of ALL teams THE DALLAS COWBOYS!

Like the sister at the beginning of the story, either (A) get your story straight, or (B) show us the contract. Otherwise, just change the team you played for to the Buffalo Bills!

(As a side note, The CityPaper called Delegate Vaughn out about the twenty year old picture on his campaign web site (click here), not us. We see Delegate Vaughn all the time and know he doesn't have that much hair (click here.))

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