Sunday, August 08, 2010

Is PG County Safe . . . for Bo Obama?

Prince George's County is home to Air Force One, and Bo Obama is a frequent flier on the Presidential craft. As a result of the Prince George's County Sheriff's rash of dog assassinations (click here), we became concerned about the safety of the The First Dog while in Prince George's County.

The Monitor tried to get a statement from Jackson regarding the shootings and to get assurances about the First Dog's safety when he is in the County.

We weren't able to get a statement because Jackson's press liaison has been indicted on theft and conspiracy charges (click here).

Our advice to Bo is: If you stay on base at Andrews, you shouldn't have any problems (click here). However, if you go outside of the gates, Mr. Jackson might shoot to kill.

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Anonymous said...

OK This one made me laugh out loud! Great blog btw...