Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to School Edition (Part Two)

Part II
This is Part II of Concerned Prince Georgian's Back to School Edition Quiz. Remember loyal readers to drive carefully, and keep an eye out for school children who may dart across the street at any time.

Now,  parents -- so that we may be better able to help our children we need to continue to sharpen our homework skills -- especially after a long summer break -- so we have some additonal math word problems for you to "cut your teeth on". Ready? Okay! Begin!

Question Number 1.  Little Michael Jackson starts a new job and the main reason he was hired, was because he promised that he would reduce the number of unserved warrants.  On his first day of work, there are 30,000 unserved warrants.   Eight years later, Little Michael would like a new job, and now there are 48,000 unserved warrants.  What is the percentage increase in unserved warrantsHint: (The answer was on a previous Prince George's Monitor Post).
Question Number 2.  Little Michael starred in a recent "MJ Thriller Deposition Video" (click  to view).  How many times did he say, "I don't know?"
Question Number 3.  There is a committee on the Prince George's County Council that is supposed to oversee Little Michael's work.  This committee is called the Public Safety and Fiscal Management Committee.  It has five members, and they are: Camille ExumAndrea Harrison, Samuel H. Dean, Ingrid Turner, and Will Campos.  This committee never questioned Little Michael on his unserved warrants, nor did they tell him that he was doing a bad job. How many Committee Members are seeking re-election or election to another office.  Based upon Little Michael's job performance, express as a percentage the number of committee members who you think deserve to be elected or re-elected by the citizens of Prince George's County?

BONUS CREDIT --  You will receive a bonus credit if you are a Concerned Prince Georgian and have signed the Justice for Lacole Hines Petition?

(Use the comment section to answer, and be sure to show your work.)

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