Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back to School Edition

With schools back in for most of Prince George's County school children, we'd like to remind our loyal readers to drive gently, and keep an eye out for school children who may dart across the street at any time.

Also, we'd like to encourage parents to help your children with their homework. To help parents get back in the swing of things, we have some math word problems.  Ready?  Okay!

Little Michael Jackson starts a new job and says he will reduce the number of unserved warrants.  On his first day of work, there are 30,000 unserved warrants.  Eight years later, Little Michael would like a new job, and now there are 48,000 unserved warrants.  What is the percentage increase in unserved warrants? (Use the comment section to answer, and be sure to show your work.)

Readers with the right answer will win a prize.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Oh, I know! (raised hand) Pick me! I know the answer! Sixty (60) percent!!!!

What's my prize?!!?

Concerned Prince Georgians: said...

That's the right answer, but you didn't show your work!