Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Desperation Yields Desperate Measures!

Vandalized Rushern Baker Campaign Sign
Driving around the County, Concerned Prince Georgians are seeing some very disturbing acts of vandalism.

We are speaking of the race for Prince George's County Executive where campaign signs are being ripped apart and in some instances dug up from the ground.  We understand that this is a "spirited race" but it is no reason to resort to violence and unfair play.   We don't have it on video-- the culprit or culprits of this vandalism -- but because one candidate's signs seem to be targeted over others -- we can ONLY surmise that Mr. Rushern Baker's primary opponent -- Sheriff Michael Jackson -- is desperate and have resorted to taking desperate measures!  If in fact Sheriff  Michael Jackson "believes his own rhetoric" reported in a recent article in the -- Gazette (click here) -- that recent ghastly actions about his character and his complete lack of leadership will not affect his run for County Executive -- why -- WE ASK -- resort to DESPERATE MEASURES OF THIS MAGNITUDE? 


Pat M. said...

I can't wait for the Election to be over. The signs are so ugly and make our county look like a dump. Do politicians really think we are so stupid that if they put up a ton of signs and litter the county, that we will vote for them, even though we've never seen them active in our community? I am supporting a few candidates, because I've gotten to know what they stand for over the years and have seen them before they were candidates. We should be ashamed of what passes for political campaigns in Prince George's County. All sound and fury signifying nothing.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure that they DO think we are stupid enough to vote for the person with the most signs. I know we are smarter than that, and I pray that my confidence in the residents of this county proves correct on Election Day. We see more than they think. We will come together as a diverse, progressive, actively involved community and vote ourselves away from foolishness and into a promising future.
Can't wait.