Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Diary of a MAD Man Video!

Concerned Prince Georgians are outraged about the blatant refusal of Sheriff Michael Jackson to review an audit that incriminated Deputy Sheriff Lt. Wendy Tyler, his campaign Treasurer, and Deputy Sheriff Capt. Nancy Ridgely, his campaign Chair; and the promotion of one of these individuals to Captain of his coveted Domestic Violence Unit during the time that she was knowingly under a felony investigation -- followed by an indictment for theft.

Given that Jackson worked so hard to cover up the audit, shouldn't he be indicted for aiding and abetting after the fact? Jackson's deposition (click here) demonstrates: his arrogance, his complete management failures, and his total contempt for the rule of law. Its kinda long, but if you can stay with it, its very insightful. See for yourself (click here). Based upon this deposition, we are demanding the immediate resignation of Sheriff Michael Jackson, and we are demanding that the State Prosecutor go before the grand jury to seek a criminal indictment against Sheriff Michael Jackson!

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