Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Ignorance is Bliss -- New Video by Michael Jackson"

It's one thing to be ignorant because you "can't read". It's another thing entirely to be ignorant because you "won't read!" When you're the Sheriff and someone walks into your office and says, "I have evidence of a crime," and they put it on a table in front of you, should you: a) look at it; b) refuse to look at it; c) turn it over to prosecutors or investigators to investigate the crime, or d) NONE OF THE ABOVE?

Sheriff Jackson chose to do -- (drum roll) --d) NONE OF THE ABOVE! He chose to be ignorant of the crime (click here for video). Sheriff Jackson said, "I don't care, and I don't want to know." He willfully, purposefully, and intentionally chose to ignore this crime. A crime of union theft brought to the Sheriff by his union President discovered as a result of an official audit!

Don't ignore the facts as the Sheriff did! -- Concerned Prince Georgians! Please view this video (click here) and make your own judgement! If you agree with other Concerned Prince Georgians -- join with us to stop Sheriff Jackson before it's too late! Don't be guilty of ignoring the facts!

Shout from the top of the ballot box and VOTE "NO" to Sheriff Michael A. Jackson!


Hellmut said...

Wow! That video is amazing.

I don't blame Mike for the failures of his associates but I do find it disappointing that he does so little to correct misconduct.

The Sheriff's office belongs to the people, not the deputies or their union. The Sheriff of Prince of Prince George's County needs to serve the people of Prince George's County.

Anonymous said...

It is also disturbing that the sheriff has 3 treasurers on his campaign "volunteer" staff, and one of them has been indicted for theft of funds. Honorable character and good judgment are important leader traits that our elected officials need to lead Prince George’s County. Obviously, MJ left his at the academy.

Managers are people who do things right, while leaders are people who do the right thing. — Warren Bennis, Ph.D. On Becoming a Leader

Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson is a liar. He is a ball face liar. A sheriff should uphold the law. This video shows that he cannot be trusted and that he lied under oath. Jackson is unfit to be the county exec.

Michael Jackson is stupid and ignorant. There is nothing worse than a stupid and ignorant liar.

Anonymous said...

How many times did MJ say, I do not know. One thing I know, he must not be the county executive. This man cannot be trusted. LIAR!

Anonymous said...

His whole demeanor screams cover-up

Anonymous said...

@ Helmut Mike Jackson should be blamed and held accountable for attempting to "cover-up" the failures of his subordinates. YOU MY MAN missed the point of what a REAL Leader should be! Since he touts his silly decisions as HIS CHOICE ... then obviously is was HIS CHOICE to be part of a blatent cover-up! I'm not a lawyer but there should be laws against this!

D. C. Russell said...

Unlike that great Democratic President, Harry S. Truman, who had a sign on his desk proclaiming that

"The buck stops here"

Michael Jackson does not accept responsibility for either his mistakes or the mistakes and corruption of his subordinates. Nor does he learn from those mistakes.

Despite his claims that he is the only candidate in the race with executive experience, the sorry record of his experience shows that he is not up to the job.

And while Truman said

"If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen"

Jackson's response to legitimate criticism shows us that he does not belong in the "kitchen: or in any public office.

Anonymous said...

If you're not in Mike Jackson's tight little circle in the Sheriff's Office then you're screwed. He has a Colonel that he allowes to have multiple female "Friends" within the agency that everyone in the agency knows who they are and that get to do whatever they want under the protection of the Colonel.
This latest cluster in which the civilian employee in charge of checking all the warrants has been a problem in the Sheriff's Office since the 1st day he worked there. He's been written up numerous times for the exact same thing that happened to the 1st degree assault warrant. This employee and Mike Jackson have the blood of a 17 yr old girl on their hands !!