Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mishandled Warrant By The Sheriff -- Teen Shot!!!!

Sheriff Michael Jackson recently said that of the 48,000 outstanding warrants that his office held -- they were mostly for persons not showing up for jury duty ... nothing really that our citizens should be concerned about. HA! Now, The Gazette (click here) is reporting that the recent shooting of a young lady could have been prevented if ONLY an outstanding warrant was served! To add insult to injury -- this unserved warrant relates to the coveted Domestic Violence division that the Sheriff touts as his brain child. How many more of our children or beloved pets need to be killed or shot before the Sheriff decides to do his job? Concerned Prince Georgians are outraged! NO MORE YEARS!


Anonymous said...

it is time for Jacko to come clean about the 48,000 outstanding warrants. He lied to us about the dogs, now he lied about the warrants being not serious. How many warrants are outstanding for felons, murderers, and child molesters? We demand to know!

Anonymous said...

You need to keep reposting this story. This cant get swept under the rug. How can we possibly expect women to come forward against abusive husbands/boyfriends if we cant even do our job and serve the warrants? Shameful.