Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Gazette: Baker Provides the Greatest Promise for County

The Gazette Newspapers have endorsed Rushern Baker for Prince George's County Executive (click here). In it's endorsement, the Gazette noted that Mr. Baker would enact solid policies, and demonstrate real leadership: "Baker's greatest strength lies in his determination to do what's best rather than to do what is easiest. As other legislators stood at the roadside gawking at the imploding school board in 2002, Baker made an effort to stabilize the system, despite the protests it sparked outside his office. Many criticized his decision but offered no alternatives to resolving the problem. Prince George's needs clean, open, accessible and responsive government, and among the candidates, Baker provides the greatest promise for the county's future." Wow! Just sayin'


Anonymous said...

really I am not liking any of these candidates

Anonymous said...

It's almost impossible to trust what you see and hear of ANY political candidates, but at the end of the day it's about who is best suited to perform the duties necessary to represent, lead, and produce results for us. With that in mind, and popularity contests aside, Baker is receiving widespread endorsements because he is our best chance at getting the tough job done. Liking him may come with his results.