Saturday, August 21, 2010

WE DO LIVE HERE Sheriff Michael Jackson!

"The Eyes Says It All"
In a recent article in the Gazette (click here) Sheriff Michael Jackson asserts that recent ghastly actions about his character and his complete lack of leadership will not affect his run for County Executive because in his words -- "I touch the people. They know me," Jackson said. "What the public sees in the paper, they know who's been putting it out there: the people who don't live here."  Huh!

Yes, Sheriff at one time we at least thought you were a nice guy -- not ready for the position of County Executive -- but still a nice guy.  Well, regardless of what you claim -- we now know that you are NOT a nice guy.  The Michael Jackson Thriller Video (click here) has come to light!  It brings to light your arrogance, your ignorance and your total disregard for the rule of law!  And it -- frightens us!  The thought of someone as unstable as you becoming the leader of our GREAT County -- yes truly frightens US!  We employ again that -- All Concerned Prince Georgians  review "Michael Jackson's Thriller Video" before they cast their vote.  And by the way -- WE DO LIVE HERE! 

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