Friday, August 20, 2010

Justice for Lacole Hines

The Prince George's Monitor reported  OUR OUTRAGE (click here) that 17 year old Lacole Hines was shot and killed by her abusive boyfriend, after the Sheriff's office bumbled an arrest warrant filed two weeks prior to her death.  We also reported that the Sheriff's office has 48,000 unserved warrants, and that Sheriff Michael Jackson proclaimed at a forum that our citizens had nothing to be concerned about -- that the majority of these warrants were for folks not showing up for jury duty or for minor traffic incidents.  At the time of this statement Concerned Prince Georgians were at the least skeptical of this explanation.

We also made a covenant with Ms. Hines and her family that we would not allow "the powers to be" to sweep her needless and senseless death under the rug because it is politically expedient for the Jack Johnson/Michael Jackson axis of evil.  We cannot allow them to stand in their fine suits, while our innocent babies and children are being murdered in cold blood, and say, "To hell with the weak, the helpless and the poor."  The Washington Post (click here) recently described the tragic death of LaCole Hines as a "Deadly Mistake."  While young Ms. Hines' death was tragic, it was no mistake.  Her death was the result of Sheriff Michael Jackson's mis-management of the Sheriff's Department.  When Michael Jackson took over the Sheriff's office, there were 30,000 outstanding warrants; today, the number of outstanding warrants stands at 48,000 -- a 60% increase.  Jackson hasn't explained why the warrants have increased under his leadership, nor how he plans to reduce the number of outstanding warrants. Ms. Hines' death is a testament to the corruption, mis-management of resources, and abuse of staff that has run rampant during Sheriff Jackson's tenure.  If you don't believe us, watch it!(click here) The video shows a Sheriff and a Sheriff's Department running amok and out of control!

The WaPo's characterization fails to appreciate the inherent danger of a mismanaged Sheriff's Department. A Sheriff's Department where incompetence is promoted up (click here), where mid-level officials who are supposed to code warrants, allow those warrants to pile up on desks, while they surf porn on the internet, play Farmville on Facebook, and engage in cybersex on MySpace with an inmate!  All of this is occurring with the full knowledge of Sheriff Jackson and his top deputy, Col. Paul A. Drula.  As a result of this corruption, now Jackson refuses to keep statistics on the unserved warrants and now states, "we have an inventory."  Just because you are "ignorant and a fool," we are not going to let you punk usWe are renewing our call for your immediate resignation and criminal indictment.  We are also calling on all Prince Georgians to stand up and on September 14th --  shout with the ballot I'm sick of being PUNKed and I'm not going to take it anymore! 

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