Saturday, September 25, 2010

Surprise! Surprise! NOT!

Final Jacked Up Moves!
The Washington Post (click here)  is reporting that Jack Johnson's outgoing Administration is proposing a 2 percent pay raise for Prince George's County employees.  Concerned Prince Georgians say "no big deal" to that.  County employees did not receive merit increases nor did they receive cost of living increases and in addition endured more than 10 days of being furloughed and some were even RIFed this past year!

The real story that WAPo need to get a handle on is Political Appointees being moved into "merit positions" in the final hour.  Such Political Appointees include spokesman John Erzan being moved to a merit position at the Department of Corrections and Acting Chief Administrative Officer Ralph Moultrie being paid under the Office of Finance' budget.  Concerned Prince Georgians are getting reports that there are many, many such other moves being made.  Yeah -- the two percent meager pay raise might strap the incoming Administrstion somewhat -- but what really will "tie the hands" of a Baker Administration is incompetent individuals being placed under a protected merit system rendering "business as usual".  Good luck Mr. Baker in moving our County from "Good to Great" with the hand you being dealt!  Just Saying!

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