Sunday, September 19, 2010

Currie Says, "Not Guilty"

Currie Pleads "Not Guilty"

According to the Baltimore Sun (click here) and the Gazette (click here), State Senator Ulysses Currie has plead not guilty to the charges in the 18-charge, 48-page criminal indictment (click here)  filed against him.

Entering a "not guilty" plea is not surprising.  What is surprising is that Currie is no longer represented by private attorney Dale Kelberman, and is now represented by federal public defender, Joseph L. Evans.  This is most certainly a strong signal, given Currie's health problems, that Currie intends to cut a deal and spare himself a long, drawn-out trial.  So the question is not if, but, when, will Currie step down from his senate seat.

The real "buzz" in Prince George's political circles is who should replace Currie once he steps down.  Names that are already circulating are: Aisha Braveboy (click here), Derrick L. Davis (click here), and Jack B. Johnson. (click here)

We think the best person to step into Currie's seat would be Sam "The Servant of the People" Dean (click here).  He has deep roots in the community, can build coalitions, can reach consensus, and could garner respect in Annapolis.  Plus, he had a cool campaign theme song! (click here).

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