Friday, September 17, 2010

Campaign Theme Song???

We've done a post about Sam "The Servant of the People" Dean's campaign song. (click here) We always wondered about other candidates' campaign songs; however, if Angela Alsobrooks didn't have one, click on the video above, because we're assigning "Mama Said Knock You Out" to her.

We're looking at the election results and noticed that she more than doubled her nearest opponent's vote total! In fact, she got more votes than the next two candidates combined!(click here)  Wow!  We guess she should get a championship belt too!

In spite of her impressive win, or rather because of it, we're expecting her to do a good job. This means: getting criminals off our streets, hiring qualified and competent attorneys, and no "shaking down" attorneys and staff members to fuel political ambitions!  (You know . . . those little things that Jack Johnson did when he was State's Attorney.)

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