Thursday, September 16, 2010

There's a New Sheriff in Town!

Former Chief of Police Melvin C. High has won the Democratic nomination for Prince George's County Sheriff, and will succeed Michael A. Jackson.  Congratulations Chief High!(click here)  However, you have a big task ahead of you!  We suggest you start with:

  • Publicly releasing a complete and transparent report regarding the mishandled warrant which lead to the death of Lacole Hines. (click here) This report should document the system failures in the Office of the Sheriff, and give us, the citizens, your action plan for fixing those failures.
  • The warrant backlog under your predecessor has grown from under 30,000 to over 51,000!  You should put a plan in place to reduce that backlog -- immediately.  Here's a thought (really a strong suggestion): put the plan on your website.  Don't say its a "manpower" issue either, because if the Sheriff's office can pay deputies to sit outside polling stations during early voting . . . surely you can pay them to DO THEIR JOBS -- serve warrants!

  • Develop a procedure for dealing with family pets that doesn't involve the use of deadly force!  
  • Restore honor, pride and integrity back to the Office of the Sheriff!

We're counting on you!


Anonymous said...

The Sheriff doesn't need his own security detail either!

Anonymous said...

To the operators of the PGmonitor - job well done. During this election cycle your articles and commentary have been both informative and influential. You covered a wide-range of issues affecting the Citizens of the County, which included social responsibility to civic (political) awareness. However, the most critical service you provided was "knowledge". Please continue to be the information partner to the Citizens who, otherwise, would not have known.

God bless us all