Friday, September 10, 2010

Two Peas in a Pod!

So Similar . . . They're Scary!
The Top Five Reasons that if you liked George W. Bush . . . you'll LOVE Michael Jackson. 

5. Outstanding cabinet appointments.  GWB had "Tricky" Dick Cheney and FEMA Director Michael "Brownie" Brown, while Mike has Wendy Tyler and Nancy Ridgely, who were indicted for embezzlement (click here).

4.  Do Nothing Leadership. Bush did nothing while people suffered and drowned in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.  Mike did nothing after learning his campaign treasurer embezzled money. (click here)

3. Tell Small Lies with Big Consequences. Bush told the entire world, "There are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq." Jackson told the whole world, "The outstanding warrants are not a big issue."

2. Choose Force and Brutality over Diplomacy.  Bush invaded Iraq, toppled its government, and destroyed its stability.  Jackson storms into citizens houses, binds and gags them, puts them on the floor face down and kills their dogs.

1. Bloody Hands.  Bush . . .well you know.  Mike Jackson's office failed to serve a warrant (click here) which has resulted in the blood of 17-year old LaCole Hines on his hands.

And ... we implore you -- Concerned Prince Georgians please, please -- if you haven't done so by now, please sign the petition  Justice for LaCole Hines (click here) or pass it along to some friends to sign so that the citizens of Prince George's County can have a full investigation into the Sheriff's Office' mishandling of the criminal warrant that resulted in the loss of life of 17-year old Lacole Hines.

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