Sunday, September 05, 2010


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Your 17 year old daughter has fallen for the wrong type of guy. She has a baby by this guy but now knows that she must get away from his abusive ways. You tell her to file paperwork for an arrest warrant. She does just that – feeling a little more relieved that finally maybe she can get away from her abusive boyfriend and start life fresh for her baby and herself. In the meantime her abusive boyfriend continues to threaten her – telling her if he can’t have her no one will. Your 17 year old daughter is now getting scared. Why haven’t her abusive boyfriend been arrested she wonders? What could possibly be taking so long? She filed for the arrest warrant two weeks ago. Everyone told her that was the right thing to do. Nevertheless, she still tries to live her life as normally as possible so she goes to the store. When she comes out of the store her boyfriend is waiting for her. He shoots her in the head. As she is lying on the ground dying – all she can think about is what will happen to my baby now – and she starts to pray that her baby will be provided for. She is now her baby’s angel.  For you see she died immediately after being removed from life support.

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You work in the County government as a mid-level manager. Your Division has just been audited and a matter of theft is revealed in the audit. You take the audit to your superior. Your superior tells you that he/she has orders from the County Executive not to get involved in such matters, especially when any actions are against friends of the County Executive.  If that wasn’t enough -- your superior retaliates against you for bringing the theft to his/her attention. You become so stressed that you are taking medication just so you can get up the energy to come to work.  Everyday it’s a different act of aggression towards you by your superior. Your superior tells you that it’s not personal it’s policy and encourages you to think about a disability retirement. You are strongly considering it because you know that it is County policy to retaliate against any employee that didn’t vote for the current County Executive.

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You are home one day on sick leave. You peep out the window and see a Fed X package on the front step. You wonder what your husband has ordered now and decide to go get the package and leave it on the table for him. Knowing the techie your husband is who knows what it could be. Moments later – a swat team of Deputy Sheriffs break through your door ordering you to the floor. Your husband wondering what the commotion is comes down the steps and he immediately is bound and gagged and ordered to the floor as well. Your precious dogs are scared but not hostile. The swat team has standard departmental orders to shoot all dogs on the premises and they proceed to do just that. Your precious animals are lying on the floor beside you as you hear them whine and cry prior to dying.

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You finally got the money saved to get that new deck that you so desperately wanted. Now all you need is a permit. You go to the County’s permitting office and are told that if you want to expedite the permitting you have to pay an additional fee. You find the fee really exhorbient but are not surprised because that is now the price of doing business in PG County since the new administration took office in 2010. You decide to “bite the bullet” and pay the extra fee because you know that now under the new Administration -- if you want to “Play you have to Pay” in Prince George's County.

Concerned Prince Georgians - Visualize – Visualize
A SHERIFF Michael Jackson Administration!


Anonymous said...

WOW ... I had this visual a while back. I don't see how anybody still supports this guy. He's a crook just like JJ. It really makes me wonder about the voters and is really scary if Michael Jackson wins.

Anonymous said...

Umm, you don't really have to visualize this. All you have to do is look around and see it. Johnson set the tone for corruption and Jackson follows!