Saturday, September 04, 2010

Dudley Do-Right!!!!

Theresa Dudley
Teacher Who Espouses
The Washington Post and News Channel 8 now TBD (click here) are reporting that Sheriff Michael Jackson's ardent supporter -- Theresa Dudley -- and a teacher at Drew Freeman Middle School gave a totally unacceptable classroom assignment to her eighth grade srudents.  In short she asked her students to identify a litany of  profane words.  The profane words that were reportedly written on the board for her student's consumption were so extreme that the media said that they could not report all of them -- because of the family nature of their broadcast.  But the profane words reported included -- (bastard, S.O.B., wimp, wuss, and sissy).  The question -- "Concerned Prince Georgians" ask  is - whether we want someone of Dudley's questionable character and judgment teaching our children?  Dudley's judgment had already come under question with her ardent support for a candidate who in our opinion does not have the citizens of our Great County interests at heart.  If you haven't already viewed the candidate's in question -- " MJ Thriller Video" -- it's a MUST SEE in order to understand why we say "Birds of a Feather Flock Together !!!!"


D. C. Russell said...

How come you didn't mention that she was using teaching materials from the Southern Poverty Law Center? Perhaps because the Post didn't bother to report the source of the materials?

Parents find teacher's lesson on tolerance intolerable

Hellmut said...

I like Theresa. We disagree about Rushern Baker. I have no problem entrusting my children to her instruction.

Justin Ross said...

Theresa is a good teacher who loves her kids. There are two sides of every story. We disagree about Rushern Baker, but she's a solid citizen who loves this county.