Thursday, September 02, 2010

Baker Racks Up Endorsements!

Yesterday, more bad news seemed to hit the Michael Jackson campaign when one of his highest profile supporters, Councilman Will Campos repudiated Jackson's campaign and denounced Jackson.  In doing so, Campos became a "Baker Backer," and released a powerful statement encouraging all of his supporters to vote for Rushern Baker for County Executive. (click here)

Campos voiced ongoing concerns about Jackson that are resonating throughout Prince George's County, which are serious misgivings regarding Jackson's: truthfulness, temperament, experience, and management style. Campos cited the un-served warrant in the case of LaCole Hines, (click here) the growing backlog of criminal warrants under Jackson's watch, Jackson's testimony in the Robert Cease case, (click here) Jackson's department's continual policy of shooting family pets, (click here) and Jackson's refusal to investigate crimes committed by two members of his command staff and campaign treasurer, who where subsequently indicted for embezzlement by the Maryland State Prosecutor. (click here)

Left to Right Rev. Anthony Muse,
Wayne K. Curry, Sen. Mike Miller
This spate of bad news for Jackson stands in stark contrast to Baker who seemingly picks up endorsements daily.  In addition to the endorsement from Campos, Baker has been endorsed by State's Attorney Glenn F. Ivey, (click here) Senator C. Anthony Muse, (click here) State Senate President Mike V. Miller, (click here), and former County Executive Wayne K. Curry. (click here).  Baker also recently picked up an endorsement from a powerful union the Municipal & County Government Employees Organization (MCGEO) (click here).

Additionally, Baker has been endorsed by the Washington Post (click here) and the The Gazette (click here) the region's leading newspapers.  It should be noted that this Blog has called for Jackson's immediate resignation, and a full investigation into the LaCole Hines warrant failure. (click here)

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I guess I'll hold my nose and vote for Baker...