Monday, January 10, 2011

Do You Recall?

(The following letter was sent to the Editors of Prince George's Monitor and has been reprinted in its entirety)....

Dear Concerned Prince Georgians,

Do you RECALL a hard fought election that Mrs. Leslie Johnson won over a large group of competitors?Recall years of confirmations by the FBI that Mr. Johnson was under investigation for abusing taxpayer funded credit cards and numerous development deals?

I would suggest based on the results of the low turnout election that very few people recall any of the warning signs that we were all given. Elections have consequences and must be taken seriously because the stakes are high. (I type this as I look at my son) This is a lesson for why we must stay involved and engaged. Too many times politicians' own self interests and voters focus on charisma over substance seem to leave us hanging.

The last thing I will ask you to Recall is the old practice of “RECALL” by which voters can correct their mistakes. It is awful that the people of District 6 are not as well represented as they could be but let’s not compound the problem by focusing on restoring the rights to someone under indictment. Let’s accept the loss in the short term and work toward fixing any future mistakes by creating a RECALL Law NOW!!

Elwood Beason
Ft. Washington, Maryland

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