Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Raising Employee Morale

Raising Employee Morale  In these tough economic times there are several ways to raise the morale of employees.  So many times managers and supervisors take the position that "employees should just be happy to have a job."  Well -- duh -- people are happy to have a job but that doesn't mean that they should be subject to undue abuse and more often attitude from their superiors. 

We have talked with employees of Prince George's County Government and contrary to popular belief -- these public servants want to serve its clients --the public -- but desperately seek leadership and direction from their managers and supervisors -- not ridicule, attitude and disrespect. They said they also would like to be at least "on par" with the rest of the surrounding jurisdictions, including the Federal Government with innovative work policies as "Alternate Work Schedules" and "Telecomute" policies and maybe even some "job sharing".  What they "don't get" is that managers and supervisors are under the impression that just because they are physically in place at 8:30 in the morning --  that this equals to productivity.  They also said its not just about "more money" it's about showing respect and appreciation for them as highly qualified professionals.  More than once they indicated that this was not the case "behind the walls" of the County government and because of the tough economic times they were afraid of being harassed by their supervisors if they complained or being labeled a "disgruntled employee".

Come on "Baker Administration" Concerned Prince Georgians know you can do better than this in your quest to make a "Good County Great"!  It is going to take a concerted effort of all Concerned Citizens including County employees to tackle the many problems of our Great County and ignoring the concerns vs. recruiting the efforts of 6,000 people won't get you there.


Anonymous said...

I had to go SEARCHING (for something else) to find this blog. Please get this out there to the front so PG residents and employees CAN speak up and begin to make a difference. I work in the County Courthouse and it is all true. No training, no appreciation. Ridicule, harassment, attitude! "you better be glad you have a job" is the motto. Terribly underpaid and overworked. The Courthouse is large and extremely busy. We should be getting federal level pay and "perks". So if it seems we have a bad attitude at the Courthouse it's because it's so ugly behind that curtain and the leadership is corrupt and terrible. Employees walk around like beat down slaves behind the walls, counting down the years until retirement. "just six more years" "just 3 more years" it's aweful!!!!! Please get the fraud Marilynn Bland and "Dr. David J. Billings, III" out!!! They have NO COURT EXPERIENCE and are only using the Clerk's Office as a stepping stone. And that's not even his real name!! What's he hiding????

Anonymous said...

There are things that have gone on and continue to go on in the Circuit Court for PG County that need to be exposed. Ms.Bland and Dr. Billings are on a political agenda; have been from day one. The only reason she obtained the position as Clerk is because the citizens of PG County fail to educate themselves on the candidates thoroughly. Ms.Bland attended my church during her campaign and gave a sorry proclamation. I knew them that that was not someone I wanted as my Clerk. Her reputation preceeded her because of the shady dealings she was "involved in" with Jack Johnson and yet she still made it into office. As a Circuit Court employee I honestly feel that anything done for us by her administration is a political ploy and photo op for future endeavors. We have yet to have a productive meeting. The meetings are full of pomp and circumstance, employees are asked ahead of time to give thanks to Ms. Bland instead of it coming from our hearts. There was an employee appreciation where no employee actually felt appreciated. If you so appreciate us do it during the workday, not after 4:30 when most employees have families to get home to or other responsibilities to take care of. Appreciate me by giving us a breakroom to go to for lunch and breaks so we don't waste 10 minutes of our lunch hour giving directions to customers in the hallways and cafeteria. Designate a representative form each office to speak on the clerks behalf regarding office issues. There's so much she could do if she weren't a puppet for Dr. Billings.

Anonymous said...

As an employee of the PG Courthouse, I can say first hand that there have been incidents that are absolutely shamefull. I don't know of any workplace where there are accusations of assault amongst the " leaders". I truly feel that Marilynn Bland should be ashamed of herself for even making the accusations and casting more of a shadow on the PG County courthouse. I'm not a fan of Dr. Billings but I will say that assault is stretching it because he has a hard enough time walking around the courthouse. There is a such thing as class and decorum and if you've known someone as long as they have, why not solve it behind closed doors. Ms. Bland is condescending and cold. I've never felt appreciated or like she actually cares about her employees. Everything to her is a photo op or an opportunity to stroke her own ego.