Saturday, August 14, 2010

Oh No He Didn't!

Just when Concerned Prince Georgians was about to conclude that Sheriff Michael Jackson was just maybe inexperienced and an ineffective Department Head (click here), another shocking revelation comes to light about the Sheriff!

The Washington Post (click here) is reporting that the Sheriff intentionally covered up charges of embezzlement by his campaign Treasurer and another Deputy Sheriff (click here,). Instead of enforcing the law (as one would expect the Sheriff to do) -- Corporal/Sheriff Jackson promoted her to Captain of his Domestic Violence Unit, while reprimanding the Whistleblower! And in the Sheriff's own testimony when questioned under oath -- about why he made these decisions? -- (Drum roll please!) The Sheriff said -- "IT WAS MY CHOICE"! WOW -- THIS IS THE HEIGHT OF ARROGANCE! We once thought of these as miss-steps, but now are re-evaluating these blunders as serious character flaws. Sheriff -- please -- if you love OUR Great County -- please, please, we appeal to you -- just GO AWAY quietly! Don't embarrass the citizens of this County any more than you already have!

And -- Corporal/Sheriff should you make the choice not to go away -- IT WILL BE OUR CHOICE -- The voters of Prince George's County to say NO MORE YEARS to you and not promote you to County Executive come PRIMARY ELECTION DAY on September 14th!


Anonymous said...

How much more evidence do the people of PG County need to know before they realize that not only should this corrupt person not be Sheriff Chief but to now run for higher office. Are the voters of PG stupid or what? They elected Jack Johnson twice and now seem on the verge of getting more of the same. Help me understand. Maybe they are just looking to see how many signs are cluttering their roadways instead of how many signs are actually in the yards. I'm glad I don't live there. God help them if they vote a knowlingly corrupt person into office.

Hellmut said...

In 2006, Michael Jackson ran unopposed. In 2002, Jackson ran as the reformer and his base was in north county.

Michael Jackson has disappointed north county voters. They will not vote for him anymore.

Now, Jackson is running on a likability campaign that is devoid of substance.

Anonymous said...

This man running on personality... I guess you haven't seen the video on his deposition! This man is dangerous and another Keith Washington. He is worst than Jack Johnson because he carries a gun! What does he have to do before PG County voters wake up and see this man for what he is! He is corrupt! Corrupt will follow this man from day one if he is elected and he seems to have the henchman with guns to enforce his crazy policies or non-policies. WAKE UP PG!